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RFID замок Avent C100, фото 2RFID замок Avent C100, фото 3

RFID замок Avent C100

28 000 

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RFID замок Avent C100
RFID замок Avent C100Нет в наличии
28 000 
+7 (727) 220-78-00
  • +7 (707) 101-09-00
+7 (727) 220-78-00
  • +7 (707) 101-09-00
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   Powerful Door Lock Manage Software 

The friendly interface helps you understand all of the functions easily, to keep the door lock system always under your control. 
Multiple Uses To The Access Card 

The type of access card belongs to high frequency cards (13.56MHz), which has larger data storage. The same access card can be used not only for a door lock, but also for other entertainment in the hotel. 
SDK For Further Function Development 

SDK is available to develop further functions according different usage request. Technical online support is always ready to serve. 
High Quality Product Protects The Security 

After over 20 years’ hardware develop experience, we understand how to keep the best quality for our products, to protect maximum security for our users. 



Tech specs
  Product Specifications Remark
Front Plate (Outside Plate) (WxHxD) 74x285x18mm, Stainless steel forging casting  
Back Plate (Inside Plate) (WxHxD) 74x285x18mm, Stainless steel forging casting  
Mortise Lock Center distance: 92.5mm, Backset: 62mm  
Battery 8,000~10,000 times 4 AA Alkaline of 1.5V
Rated Voltage DC 6V  
Operating Temperature -15~55℃  
Type of Card ISO 14443A type (13.56MHz)  
Distance of Effect 1~15mm  
Unlock Records The latest 200 records  
SDK Available (Delphi, VB)  


Exploded View

- See more at: http://www.aventsecurity.com/smart-card-door-lock-c100.html#sthash.ZIn6WPIm.dpuf
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  • Цена: 28 000